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General Questions

A. Anyone in the Equestrian Industry looking for a job or an employee anywhere in the world.
A. The site works using a system of free Guest Membership and paid Full Membership. Jobseekers (the grooms) and employers (the Yards) register for free as Guest Members. Yards must upgrade to Full Membership to allow them to contact the Jobseekers, whilst Jobseekers are only required to upgrade to Full Membership if they wish to include their contact details in a message to a Guest Yard. Jobseekers may contact Full Member Yards for free.

Yards that are Guest Members can be contacted by Jobseekers that are Guest Members via our private messaging system without contact details. This allows Yards to gauge interest in their vacancy before committing to a paid Full Membership. Full membership gives yards direct access to all Jobseekers and allows all Jobseekers (both Guest and Full members) to contact Yards directly. Jobseekers and Yards can choose how they would prefer to be contacted, whether by internal messages, phone or email.

A. Our site is free to register, search our database and to display the Jobseeker profiles and Job details. Guest Yards must upgrade to paid Full Membership to contact the Jobseekers whilst Jobseekers need only upgrade to Full Membership if they wish to include their contact details when messaging the Guest Yards.
A. You do not need to register to search our database for Jobs or view the profiles of Jobseekers. You will need to register if you want to contact any of the Jobseekers/Yards. Registration is free, however a paid Full Membership is required if you want to contact the Jobseekers or allow them to contact you with their contact details.
A. Yes, registration is free. However a paid Full Membership is required if you want to contact the Jobseekers or allow them to contact you with their contact details.
A.We do not charge a placement fee but when you want to contact Jobseekers directly you must upgrade your account to Full Membership by paying a Membership Fee which will give you 6 months or 12 months access to all Jobseekers on the site. As a Full Member the Jobseekers will also be able to contact you directly.
A.No. This is reflected in our charges. We believe the Yards (employers) should make their own choice about who would be suitable for their Yard which is why we make as much information available about the Jobseeker as possible.
A. Yes, all Jobseekers have a facility in their account to upload their references. These are viewable by Full Members only. Sometimes, Jobseekers do not have the facilities at their end to put their documents on their profile but will provide them when asked to do so.
A. No, unless in exceptional circumstances. There is a reason for this though! Because Full Membership is immediate, there have been a few times we have had employers upgrade to Full Membership, fill their vacancy with a Jobseeker from our site and then demand their money back. We just cannot afford to do that and it is not fair on anyone else!
A.If you are an agency or working for an agency you must register a Business Account which will allow you to place a business advert. Agencies cannot register as a Yard or Jobseeker as this is against our Terms and Conditions.
A.Some Jobseekers, particularly those from most non EU countries, require a visa. We do not issue visas. The Jobseeker must apply to the embassy/consulate in their own country, of the country they are going to. This process usually takes around 2 weeks. Some applications can take longer especially if they are asked to sit a second interview. The employer will need to provide any supporting documentation to the Jobseekers before the Jobseeker makes her/his application.
A. The Jobseeker's account status is shown at the top of their profile page. If the Jobseeker has been placed or is no longer looking for a job their Account Status will show Placed or Not looking.

Sometimes a Jobseeker can forget to update their status. Should you contact a Jobseeker and they have already found a job then please contact support so that we can update their status.

The Signed-In, Recent Sign-Ins and Unread Msgs fields of the profile's Status provide a good indication of whether a Jobseeker is still looking.

Signed-In shows when the Jobseeker last signed into their account, Recent Sign-Ins shows the number of times the Jobseeker signed in, in the last 14 days and Unread Msgs shows the number of unread messages in the Jobseeker's Inbox.

A. To use our site you must have a browser that has cookies and javascript enabled. The site has been tested on most popular browsers. Always ensure that you use the most uptodate version of your browser. If you have a browser issue using this site please contact support.
A. Upon completion of your registration an account activation code will be sent to the email address you provided in your registration. The email should arrive within a couple of minutes. Please check your Junk/Spam folder before contacting us as sometimes our emails can be incorrectly interpreted as junk/spam. If you have entered the wrong email address in your registration please sign in to your account using the wrong email address and then click the Sign In Details link on the Account Home page. You can then request the code again to the new email address.

Signing In

A. Use forgotten password to have your password emailed to you.
A. If you do not have a YardandGroom Jobs account you must register first.

Please check carefully that you have entered your email address and password correctly. Your email address should contain no spaces and should be all lower case characters. If your password is incorrect use forgotten password to have your password emailed to you.

As a last resort try deleting your browser's temporary internet files and setting your browser's security settings to default level. From Internet Explorer click Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Default Level. You could also try using one of our other domain names to access the site, ie www.yardandgroom.co.uk or www.elitegrooms.com

To use this site you must have Cookies and Javascript enabled.

Searching the database

A. Use Jobseeker search to search our database of Jobseekers or Job Search to search our database of jobs.
A. This can happen when you have specified too many or too few criteria in your search. If you get too few records being returned try removing some of the filters and re-run the search. Click Reset to remove all search filters. If you get too many profiles being returned try adding some new filters.


A. See our Rates page.
A. When a Jobseeker or Yard first registers on the site they become a Guest Member. Guest Yards cannot contact Jobseekers and can only receive messages from Guest Jobseekers that contain no contact details and which only express an interest in their vacancy. Guest Yards can receive messages from Jobseekers that contain contact details providing the Jobseeker is a Full Member.
A. A Full Member is a Jobseeker or Yard who has upgraded their Guest Member account to Full Membership by paying the membership fee in order to have contact with all the Jobseekers/Yards (both Guest and Gull members) in our database.
A. No, unless your Full Membership has expired in which case you will have to renew.
A.If you have used a credit card, membership is immediate. (But if it is not showing in your account, just sign out and then sign back in again). However, if you are paying by cheque we do have to wait 3 days for clearance.
A. Please just sign out of your account and then sign back in again. But if it still doesn’t work please contact support.

Your Account

A. Use the Account link found at the very top right of the page. Sign in first if you are not already signed in.
A. Select Edit Profile from your account page.
A. Select Photos from your account page.
A. Select Documents & Photos from your account page.
A. Select Sign In Details from your account page.

A feature is a way of getting more users to view your profile. A feature is a box containing your personal message and thumbnail that automatically appears on the left or right columns of the website.

See our Rates page for prices.

A. Your profile automatically becomes Inactive if you do not sign in to your account for more than 30 days. To change your account status back to Active simply sign in to your account. Your status will then be updated automatically.
A. You can stop your profile/job listings from appearing in the results of database searches by going to your account page and checking the Visibility option if you are a jobseeker or selecting Private under the Visibility column if you have a job listing.
A. When you have found a job or are no longer looking for one then you should update your Job Status on your account page to Placed or Not looking. This will inform other employers who read your profile that you are no longer looking for a job.
A. When a Jobseeker/Yard wants to contact you they will be shown the contact details that you have allowed them to see. This can be either one of your home/work/mobile numbers or messages sent to your private Inbox/Email address. To change which method they can use update your Privacy Settings on your account page.