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  • Lim Group is the leading group in high end tailored saddle making ! With CWD, Devoucoux and Butet, the group aims to bring the best of saddlery to you. Top riders in the world trust us to help them jump higher, endure longer, present better every day ! Lim is a universe where leather is the star of the show. Successfully blending traditional excellence, guaranteed by our state labelled EPV... (more...)
    2/4/2020 8:29:50 AM
  • Small family run business looking for a full time groom (more...)
    1/23/2020 10:27:04 AM
  • We are a children's charity that teach approximately (over a weekend) 180 children between the ages of 8 to 18 the whole aspect of horse ownership. They are taught at different levels and have a three part test at the end of each completed syllabus to earn a badge for their uniform. We offer 'show' days and dressage days for our members in the summer, plus camps too. We own our own land and... (more...)
    1/7/2020 1:27:02 PM
  • thumbnail photo Stocks Hotel is on the lovely car free island of Sark. We run a horse drawn carriage service for our guests including private tours and taxis in our vintage carriages. (more...)
    12/20/2019 10:55:49 AM
  • Small family run Stud Incorporating Retirement,Young stock, livery, rest and recuperation We Farm our own hay and corn conversationally, as we do with our grass for the horses. We share our farm with nature’s animals and birds, creating something to look at always. We always have things todo, but the horses are never stressed. Peace and tranquility is how we operate. We are the highest... (more...)
    11/26/2019 12:32:13 PM
  • The Lluest Horse and Pony Trust was founded in 1985, is also a National Equine Welfare Council member and during this time it has found new approved loan homes for over 300 horses and ponies. The Trust owns over 160 equines with up to 30 residents cared for on the farm at any one time. Lluest meaning haven in Welsh, was founded by the remarkable late Ginny Hajdukiewicz who sadly passed... (more...)
    11/7/2019 8:51:33 AM
  • On our farm in North Wales, there are cows, sheep, goats and lamas We also breed Haflingers and currently have 15 foals, brood mares and stallions. The stallions are able to work under saddle. (more...)
    10/30/2019 7:47:13 PM
  • FEI Horse Pairs Driving (more...)
    10/28/2019 10:02:24 PM
  • Private House (more...)
    10/21/2019 2:44:17 PM
  • The service we provided sends people to the USA to coach their specialties to children on a summer camp, with a high demand one being different elements of equestrianism. The experience needed can be as little as knowing the essentials, such as riding techniques and handling. More advanced experience is also incredibly valuable and could lead to higher salaries being paid to the... (more...)
    10/9/2019 3:52:42 PM